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Orchard Trail Bernedoodles Deposit Contract

The buyer agrees to place a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit on a Bernedoodle puppy.

The puppy shall remain with Breeder until the puppy is at least 8 weeks old and no older than 10 weeks old unless noted in this contract.

BUYER: I am aware that my deposit amount of $250 is nonrefundable should I decide I do not want or am unable to take a puppy.

I understand wait time for a puppy can be longer than expected.

I understand that with breeding, everything is nature dependent.

I understand that Orchard Trail Bernedoodles cannot control litter size.

I understand that wait time can be 4-18 months.

I understand that my deposit goes toward the time for emails, calls, or messages and is a consultation
fee for Orchard Trail Bernedoodles' time.

I understand the deposit goes toward the purchase price of the puppy.



This contract is provided for your convenience and a PDF version will be sent to you for signature should you decide to proceed with your puppy selection process. Thank you!

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