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Our Story | About Orchard Trail Bernedoodles

Hi there! Welcome to Orchard Trail Bernedoodles.

We've been breeding this adorable companion dog since 2019 in the wild and rural heart of California's Sacramento Valley region, where we've farmed 30+ acres of walnuts since 1994. 

We have always loved dogs, but we fell in love with the happy-go-lucky nature we saw in Bernese Mountain Dogs, and the loyalty and intelligence we saw in poodles. The Bernese Mountain Dog and poodle cross-mix results in a hybrid dog that is every bit as playful and quirky as its name -- "Bernedoodle." Bernedoodles shine with their lovely colored coats, little shedding and minimal grooming -- the best of both worlds!

All of our Dogs are AKC registered.  Our Bernese Mountain Dog females have AKC Grand Champion Bronze and Champion bloodlines.

We take extreme care to ensure our dogs are of the highest quality, and are honored each time you pick one to join your family.

From our home to yours, 

Bill & Victoria Reamer

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